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We're a national company, but the word "local" in our name is key. We produce the most complete, durable, user-friendly guides to nature science anywhere, and they are all "local" guides, created especially for the locality you're interested in (see full list).

We're also a family-friendly, community-involved company that donates a portion of the profits from our sales to environmental causes. In the pictures on this page, you see us at work providing benches and kiosks along the shoreline, helping to restore vital habitat to native and migratory birds in the San Francisco Bay area.

We've received numerous awards and recognition for our work, such as the certificate shown below (click small image to see the certificate). We do it because we love the natural world and feel we can make a difference, acting locally. You can do likewise with your Local Birds Guides and other products from our catalog. We're interested in hearing from you and look forward to your feedback.

Thank you for supporting our folded guides that provide more, from a company that does more

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