Folded guides that make birdwatching, butterfly gardening, animal
and mineral identification easy and enjoyable.

Colorful, conveniently folded, weather-resistant identification guides that provide locally accurate references to commonly seen Local Birds, Butterflies, Rocks, Minerals and Animal Tracks. Click links above to see product details on each available guide.

Why miss the moment, flipping endlessly through the index of thick reference books full of generic birds and butterflies you may never see?

If you prefer a convenient lightweight field guide providing, at a glance, up to 145 of the most relevant species you are likely to see in your area, then "Local Guides" to birds, butterflies, rocks and minerals, and animal tracks are for you!


If you live in or are visiting the areas indicated on this map where "Folded-Guides" are now available, then please visit your specific region...

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